Logistics-oriented infomobility services

This activity was aimed at designing the CITYLOG logistic planner and at implementing the designed solutions that are dealing with the transport planning steps, the transport execution support and the dynamic changes.

The development of this pillar has been achieved through two different work packages focusing on the design and the implementation.

The final result is a framework that integrates a set of services and functions:

  • the pre-trip planner is expressly designed to calculate the optimal sequence of the destinations to be served (for both delivery and pick up) taking into account the traffic patterns;
  • the dynamic navigation system aims to ensure routes always “up to date” in case of traffic congestion. Its implementation is based on the interaction between on-board telematics units (OBUs) and a remote server connected to the traffic control centres;
  • both the pre-trip planner and the dynamic navigation system exploits enhanced digital maps having attributes specific for heavy and commercial vehicles (physical constraints of the streets or access limitation policies);
  • the last mile parcel tracking is able to inform via SMS the parcel receiver about an imminent delivery using as a trigger the estimated time of arrival (ETA) provided by the navigation system