The BentoBox concept

BentoBox, or smart package system, is an innovative concept that should relieve a part from the challenge of urban deliveries of tomorrow. The concept consists for the carrier in delivering out of hours of shopping with available packages to the recipients in a smart package system.


Tests in Lyon

The BentoBox was tested for six weeks between February and March 2012 at the “Centre Commercial Part Dieu”, located in Lyon downtown (Unibail Rodamco Group). TNT Express, the only carrier of the CityLog project, is responsible for operating the deliveries for his client Kookai, involved in this innovative project. Before this testing phase in Lyon, the BentoBox had been tested in Berlin in another mode of operation. Indeed, in Germany, the trolleys have been fixed; the BentoBox were used as center of consolidation. Lyon therefore presents itself as the first site testing the mobility of trolleys.


Expected benefits 

  • Limit the number of trucks in downtown during rush hour and participate in decongesting the cities.
  • Provide flexibility for recipients who recover their packages when they want to.
  • Contribute to a better logistics organization of malls and decongest delivery areas.


Technical aspects

BentoBox concept focuses on two main elements: the trolley and the docking station.

Six trolleys have been made with different arrangements of compartments to allow the reception of several types of parcels. From a 1m79 height, 75 cm width and 63 cm depth, each trolley weighs about 50 kg.


Accommodating 6 trolleys, the docking station has a touchscreen HMI to allow clients to retrieve their packages. A GRPS connection ensures the transmission of information with the central computer. For a 500 kg weight, the docking station measures 5m20 (width) x 82cm (depth) x 1m84(height).


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